3D Structural Analysis of Mine Sites


In order to achieve deeper insight into site architecture, Vektore gathers structural information from mine sites to build 3D models, allowing clients to most efficiently understand their mineral bodies and the impact on the mine operation and its life-cycle. We provide such services directly through our own professionals, or indirectly by supervising and mentoring mine geologists who are already working on-site. Effective mining enterprises also need to integrate their knowledge and appreciation of the mineral body architecture with mine geology, mine geophysics, geostatistics, grade control, and mining engineering. We bring these models to their full potential by employing various techniques that we have developed over time, including the V-SET Method©, SI Method©, VBIA Method© and the Target Architecture Modeling© (TAM). The Mine Site model is further integrated with the TAM-Extrapolation©.

Performing a whole-mine 3D integration often reveals insights not yet assessed, so Vektore provides a framework to carry out 3D compilation of the whole mine site, which can be used not only for near-mine exploration but also for mine engineering work.