Our Approach


Vektore adds distinct value to the exploration and mining industry by using our own unique technical approach based on new developments we have made in the field of Applied Structural Economic Geology (ASEG). Our strength comes from combining existing industry tools with our own set of proprietary techniques and tools which can enhance results in any size project, anywhere in the world.

When you engage Vektore as your consultant firm, you benefit from this expertise which helps you better pinpoint the location, geometry and continuity of mineral deposits and targets. Vektore also offers knowledge and technology transfer, empowering our clients by advancing the technical skills that deliver results. Our customers are from the full spectrum of the exploration and mining community - including juniors, mid-sized, and major mining companies.

Vektore’s toolbox is enriched by our expertise and our state-of-the-art research & development portfolio, bringing you the next generation of tools, techniques and software development. These innovations have been extensively tested during the past 12 years, sheltered within major mining companies as part of their best practices.

V-SET© Method

Vektore has an exclusive license to provide a novel method for reading structural features from boreholes, overcoming the key difficulties of conventional methods currently available to the mineral industry.

The V-SET© Method, is faster, integrative, more efficient, and it focuses on the key elements of the mineralization system.

SI© Method

The Structural Inversion© Method or SI© Method empowers our clients to drill-test only the most reliable geometrical scenario for their targets.

The SI© Method algorithm searches for an algebraic convergence between the mineralized interval and the surrounding geological architecture.

VBIA© Method

The Vektore Borehole Image Analysis© Method or VBIA© Method significantly augments industry-standard analysis.

It comprises image matching (Core, Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics), Fold and Fault Analysis; including Asymmetry, Kinematic and Breakout Analysis.

Maximizing Success, Minimizing Expenditures

Vektore is now making these groundbreaking tools and methods available to the mineral industry, overcoming many of the greatest challenges in early exploration phases, including when mineralization is intersected by non-oriented core. In this case, spatial geometry of targets is uncertain and drilling is usually added to overcome this problem, which substantially increases exploration expenditures.

Despite unpredictable rates of return, profits in exploration can be considerably rewarding should a significant deposit be exposed along the way. To be successful in finding rich deposits, mineral exploration companies are always looking for new ways to maximize the chances for success, while minimizing expenditures. Vektore becomes your consulting partner by showing you how you can reach the best possible outcomes through our innovative approach which is based on a multidisciplinary applied sciences rationale.

Most successful exploration programs excel in integrative knowledge and creative thinking, empowered by the team’s drive. Harmonized with this concept, Vektore’s novel solutions deliver superior results. The prospect of finding a mineral deposit resides in our ability to identify and interpret the evidence left behind by the mineralization processes. Using the principles of Applied Structural Economic Geology in new ways, Vektore’s exploration systematics enhance our ability to detect and interpret such evidence, measurably reducing risk.

A Customized Approach, Integrated to your Company Needs

Clients appreciate that our proprietary exploration systems can be easily integrated with other existing exploration practices. In particular, we combine a range of tools, tasks, methods and expertise into a comprehensive platform, tailored to the various exploration phases and to each of the client’s specific requirements.

See below the dynamic harmonization of Vektore’s systematics with the different exploration phases. It is within this reasoning that Vektore has developed a series of working programs, solutions and services which are described in the following sections. These have been designed to empower our clients within an effective Applied Structural Economic Geology context, in which they can excel their exploration activities. Different combinations of these tools and methods have enabled mineral discovery and target development, and have also led to significant additions in mineral resources in mineral districts of Brazil and Canada.

Supportive UseV-SET Method©
Supportive UseStructural Inversion© Visual AnalysisSupportive Use
Supportive UseStructural Inversion© Algebraic AnalysisSupportive Use
Supportive UseVektore Borehole Image Analysis Method©
Core-Angles to Cones-Tangent Planes AnalysisSupportive Use
ML-Compass (Vale S.A. Patent)
Target Architecture Modeling© 
Target Architecture Modeling - Extrapolation©Supportive Use - Model Feedback
Supportive UseODESA©

Required Group Skills


Knowledgeable in Exploration Vectoring

Creative and Innovator

Pattern Recognition Skills

Comfortable with Risks
and Complex Geological Systems


Knowledgeable in Advanced Targets

Comfortable with 3D Visualization

Pattern Recognition Skills

Comfortable with Calculated Risks

Budgeting Skills

Best Practice Initiator


3D Visualization

Best Practice Advocate

Comfortable with Engineering

and Feasibility Processes


This table shows the dynamic correlation among the various Exploration Phases, the primary uses of Vektore’s Main Toolbox, and the Required Group Skills. The exploration phases are adapted to commonly accepted steps used in exploration for mineral deposits worldwide. The key point is to get quickly at the discovery site and properly drill its architecture. Subsequent holes must validate the extension of the mineral body and its continuity to prepare the site for the definition drilling, in preparation for mineral resources processes to take place. As shown, the tools and methods offered by Vektore are harmonized with the time sequence and placed where they can yield the greatest value to clients. The last section of the table presents some of the key traits that the geologic team should own and retain throughout the exploration life-cycle.