Advanced Borehole Image Analysis


Currently, Vektore is the only consulting firm that provides this special kind of augmented service which allows advanced image interpretation of televiewer images collected from boreholes (Vektore's VBIA Method©).

Televiewer is a remarkable tool to acquire structural data from well-preserved historic and recently completed boreholes using its acoustic and optical probes. We use an industry-based software to interpret these images, but unfortunately industry-available software is not equipped with methods to extract linear and kinematic features from these images.

To overcome these weaknesses, we have developed a software solution to acquire and process linear and kinematic features from borehole images (vKore-Structural©). This implementation was proven to significantly improve the architecture of complex ore bodies which were later validated by underground mining (Thompson Nickel Belt). In addition, our unique approach is a novel way to record and evaluate break-out patterns, which are fundamental to the understanding of the stress field around mine sites.


Figure 5
Borehole Image Analysis employing WellcadTM

The following table presents a summary of this plan, including goals to be achieved, and the value added to the client’s working toolbox and rational.

Borehole Image AnalysisType of Features Collected
Acoustic Image 
   General StructuresJoints and Faults and their Frequency, Geological Contacts
   BreakoutsPosition, Shape, Symmetry* and Lineation*
Optical Image 
   General StructuresPlanar and Linear* Features
   Folds* and FaultsLinear* Features and data for Kinematic* Analysis
Structural AnalysisType of Analysis
Joint Frequency and RQDFrom Acoustic Images
Fault CharacterizationDimensions and Shape of Damage and Fault Zones
Breakout AnalysisBreakout Shape and Lineation*
General Structural AnalysisStructural Analysis of planar and linear* features (contacts, foliations, lineations*, etc…)
Televiewer and CoreData Integration
Data IntegrationIntegration of structural data from televiewer and core
vKore-Structure©Data Processing
Data ProcessingAll structural data is processed inside vKore-Structure©
* - Advanced Borehole Image Analysis exclusive to Vektore