Advanced Workflow Design

One of the greatest challenges in exploration is when non-oriented core intersects mineralization, rendering unknown the spatial resolution of mineralization features. Fortunately, Vektore’s toolbox contains an exclusive and novel method that deals with this critical issue and is particularly useful when the spatial geometry of the target is uncertain. We present a much better solution than unconstrained drilling; a practice that is still commonly used even though it tends to increase exploration expenditures, while adding limited or no value to the project primarily when the actual mineral envelope architecture is not understood.

At Vektore, it is our belief that the mineral envelope architecture is the critical element for mineral resources definition, as much as the ore body architecture is for mineral reserves. Correctly driving the mineral property exploration from initial drilling into mineral resource and from mineral resources into mineral reserves is the only assurance that constant value is being added to the portfolio.

Therefore we recommend and stand behind the Structural Inversion Method©, or SI Method©, which has a proven record of successful application in various exploration targets. It empowers clients to drill-test only the most reliable geometrical scenario vectoring towards the mineral envelope. This method was tested by means of a single-blind test, which returned an accuracy of higher than 95%. In addition, Vektore complements SI Method© with core-angle data. See below the Structural Inversion Visualizer and its predictive vectoring outcome.


The following table presents a summary of this plan, including goals to be achieved, and the value added to the client’s working toolbox and rationale.


Main Features

Structural Inversion Method©Analysis is performed by Vektore Staff
Core-Angle data (historical and newly acquired)Analysis is performed by Vektore Staff



Structural Inversion Method©Makes available to clients the Structural Inversion Method©
Core-Angle AnalysisTo compile and process historical and newly acquired core-angle data to help modeling the 3D architecture of client’s mineral target. Provide cone’s shape distribution analysis

Value Added to Client


Discovery ReadinessAccess to proprietary new methods/softwares, which have been used to find, define and add tonnage to mineral reserves. Ultimate tool/method to be used in projects that have non-oriented core.
Data CompilationAsset Acquisition: compilation of all available and newly acquired structural data in a database for easy access and processing
3D Model of Mineral TargetAsset Acquisition: provisional 3D architecture of the target. Base-model for reassessing the drilling pattern
Follow-up WorkAdvise/Design of a sound Structural Economic Geology strategy and tactics for future work