In-House Delivered Training

Rogerio_Curso_May_13Vektore’s unique business training model and content is ideal for exploration companies that are pursuing further in-house development of their technical group. The ultimate goal is to help you develop a skilled technical team with comprehensive knowledge of the structural geology tools and methods that are most significant to mineral exploration and the mining industry today.

This training is designed to deliver customized up-skills in applied structural geology and can run from two days to five days in one business unit or site, depending on the scope of the course and your timeframe. The course includes theoretical and practical structural concepts and tasks aimed at improving your exploration practices.

See below a summary of this training plan, including goals to be achieved, explaining how value is added to your working toolbox and rationale.


In-House Training Outline for Applied Structural Economic Geology

ModulesMain Features
Tools and Methods in Structural Economic GeologyOverview of key Applied Structural Geology tools and methods that are relevant to Mineral Exploration and Mining
Applied Structural Economic Geology in Mineral ExplorationThis is the core of the course – Scope will be adjusted to cover client’s needs
Case Studies DiscussionsCase studies presentation/discussions and lessons to be learned
Best Practices in Structural Economic GeologyPresentations and Q&A in Best Practices
ExercisesPractical Exercises in Applied Structural Economic Geology with relevance to Mineral Exploration
Course Materials Included (digital form)Presentation slides and associated reports/papers in pdf
Knowledge Transfer & CapacitationProvides a development framework for an in-house comprehensive expertise in Applied Structural Economic Geology
Framework for GrowthProvides a framework for mentorship towards integrative exploration
Value Added to Client 
Skills DevelopmentUp-skilling geologists and technicians to be able to better identify, collect and store structural data in regional, target exploration and deposit development
Exploration EmpowermentImproves client’s capability of finding and defining mineral bodies by adding/integrating an Applied Structural Economic Geology layer to their exploration ventures
Strategy UpgradeProvides a realistic understanding of the value added by Applied Structural Economic Geology in exploration/exploitation