Structural Economic Geology

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Enhancing human interconnections and solving technology gaps in the drilling-logging-modelling space.

Vektore delivers expert structural logging right to you (or we teach your team to do it). With unparalleled innovative tools and methods , we provide a trustworthy drilling design, so you're ready to dissect your targets!

Real-time 3D Augmented Reality structural logging and processing

Meet our newest ground-breaking development. It provides an interactive logging experience with spatial awareness of the surrounding exploration target architecture. For the first time, lineations, planes and all critical structural features are precisely read and processed in seconds from oriented and non-oriented cores in their full, half or quarter shapes. Try the immersive vSTAR experience for enhanced user engagement in data collection and processing!

Real-time 3D visualization of structural and general logging

Solid interface between drilling, logging and geological modeling stages. Quick and reliable structural data collection, analysis, and 3D real-time visualization

Inspiring change. Advancing discovery.

Based on 40 years of expertise in structural geology we deliver knowledge and highly effective innovative tools to solve current challenges in Mineral Exploration and Targeting.




How we optimize your project.

Remote Pre-Field

This stage focuses on gathering the client’s datasets, running Vektore’s QAQC and processing the data while importing all significant information into a 3D provisional model – the main deliverable of this stage. The Pre-field Stage allows our team to prepare and plan the Field Stage activities, with preliminary data interpretation already in hand before boots hit the ground.


Here we deploy a quick start of key field tasks based on our remote Pre-field findings. It is an important stage for the collection of structural data identified as missing during the Pre-field work.  At this stage we deploy our Structural Vectoring concepts to characterize the structural assemblage and paragenetic sequence, and to define the frequency of data extraction for each structural feature. The mineralization-related and architecture-related structural features take the lead in our mapping/logging since they are intrinsically associated with the mineralization event. At the end of this stage, we put forward provisional drilling options directed at further unravelling the shape and spatial orientation of the mineralization.

Remote Post-Field

Here, convergence of all datasets and information gathered are assembled into a more robust 3D structural model and significant drilling recommendations are delivered to the client.

Past Events

vSTAR: a new AR digital hardware/software tool designed to extract structural features from core

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