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vSTAR: a new AR digital hardware/software tool designed to extract structural features from core

vStructure and vSTAR are Vektore’s newest products. vStructure software is a more agile and simplified version of the Ore.node software (Vektore’s 3D real-time visualization tool for structural logging analysis). vSTAR is an Augmented Reality-based reader software and tool that brings speed, high accuracy, high precision, and universal reading of structures to the core shack. It provides real- time logging and visualization within the vStructure and Ore.node software. This is a significant innovation in structural logging designed with geologists, technicians, and core shack workflow in mind. Integrating vSTAR with Ore.node and vStructure will significantly improve the core logging process by generating trustworthy data to provide a sound framework for more robust 3D modelling.

Introduction to Ore.node Training Webinar

The Ore.node® software is a 3D, real-time visualization tool built for geologists at drilling and core logging facilities. Combining general and structural logging, it generates high-quality data, allowing for faster and confident decision-making. It handles any type of lineation, fold vergence, facing, flow sense, way-up and kinematic analysis on full, one-half and one quarter oriented and non-oriented core. Ore.node enables early target architecture evaluation and drilling re-direction.

Structural Vectoring in Mineral Exploration and Case Studies

The Structural Vectoring® method provides the foundation for an improved drilling design and mineral discovery. Based on Structural Vectoring we designed a workflow to reveal the association between structural features and mineralization processes to predict location, shape, orientation and continuity of mineral bodies. Structural Vectoring empowers geologists to better and faster understand a target’s geo-architecture, increasing predictability, accuracy and precision of exploration tasks.

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