On-line Technical Support

Webinars have long been a significant and effective channel for content and training delivery to our clients.

To overcome hurdles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vektore has been supporting clients through webinars and remote assistance concerning their fieldwork practices on core orientation and structural logging. Additionally, we provide links to Vektore training courses so our clients can access them at any time.

This approach has contributed favorably to our clients’ continuous improvement policies and to the career development of their geologists. Some of the tasks we have been providing virtually to our clients include:

  • training on Structural Vectoring
  • training in structural logging on oriented and non-oriented core
  • training in Structural Convergence Readiness© method – special structural data acquisition for Structural Convergence©
  • training in Structural Inversion Readiness© method – special structural data acquisition for Structural Inversion©
  • reviewing and deployment of QAQC practices on clients’ data extracted/processed by Structural Convergence & Inversion – continuous support
  • assistance with data interpretation and modeling
  • continuous feedback to clients and assistance developing their exploration programs

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