Real-time 3D Structural Logging

Our team of experts provides technical support for implementing a televiewer probing program. It will prepare the third-party televiewer-collected images by depth matching and shifting to match your core logging records. Structural data extraction is carried out within our 3DVB software. We work with our Clients to best incorporate our data into their modeling platform, providing continuous support to delineate the most reliable 3D architecture.

3D Virtual Borehole Logging and Structural Analysis (3DVB software module)

We use our 3D Virtual Borehole (3DVB) software module to conduct structural logging and analysis from televiewer probe images. We post-process these images to properly match structural features logged on the core – making the images compatible with the core. Such images are georeferenced over a 1:1 scale de-surveyed cylinder allowing us to directly extract planar and linear features and their attributes within this virtual borehole medium. The 3DVB provides a unique spatial awareness experience and direct understanding of the surrounding geometry.

Additionally, our clients have access to the 3DVB Quick Look program, with interactive Q&A webinar sessions designed to allow rapid access to critical intervals to evaluate particular features that may be urgently needed to better direct drilling on a specific project. This program delivers timely and valuable support to our clients before the final product is completed and delivered.

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