New Developments in Structural Vectoring®


Our current Research and Development Portfolio reflects the continued advancement of our tools and methods, which have been tested and deployed in various scenarios in the mineral industry throughout our clients, projects. We have recently added the OreNode™ Software and the vKore™ Reader and Software to our portfolio.

The OreNode™ Software is our 3-D node-based modular and scalable software designed for Exploration Vectoring in Mineral Exploration. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which is easy to master. The node-based editor carries out the user-defined workflow, which is reusable and portable. Its modular paradigm allows the addition of new expert components. It is fully integrated with the vKore™ Reader/Software. Our software development strategy is harmonized to our client’s needs.

The vKore™ Reader and Software were designed to capture, simultaneously and instantaneously, a 360° digital image of a borehole core and to accurately generate its three-dimension digital representation – the virtual core. This is the first devise capable of capturing the geometry, the color, the texture, and structural features from a quarter, a half or a full core – which is particularly helpful since cut core is the norm near and along mineralized areas. The virtual core is displayed in its exact spatial position and orientation on the vKore’s viewport. Structural features (planes, lines, fold vergence/facing, fault kinematics) are then extracted from this high definition virtual core. Their structural orientations are linked to and directly transferred into the internal database, and into 3-D stereonet for visual inspection, analysis and further processing. In addition, the virtual core can be electronically transferred to any location worldwide, or it can be sent to an expert for a second opinion and processing. It can also be treated as a perpetual core and used for auditing even after the core has been cut, split and pulverized for chemical analysis. It preserves the most important structural and textural features of a borehole with a workable 3-D representation. In addition, borehole images (OTV and ATV) are also renderized within the vKore Software, displaying the de-surveyed borehole wall image in 3-D, from which their structural features (lines, planes, fold vergence/facing) can be directly extracted.

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