Breakthrough Innovation Session on Vektore’s and Objectivity’s Day at the PDAC 2016


Vektore would like to invite you to our joint Breakthrough Innovation Session, which we will be co-hosting with Objectivity ( on Monday, March 7th, during the PDAC 2016 at room 202-D, Level 200, ground floor, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The synergies between Vektore’s and Objectivity’s new developments provide a means to better ranking, budgeting and designing step-out and delineation borehole geometries of mineral exploration projects.

Vektore will take this opportunity to share with you our most recently developed tools and methods of applying Structural Vectoring to mineral exploration projects ( and At this venue, we will be showcasing the Structural Module of our in-house vKore software and the 3DKore Reader and Software. The vKore software is a modular, node-based 3-D software application, which is used to carry out our structural vectoring assignments on client’s exploration projects.

Vektore’s 3DKore Reader and Software, at the advanced prototype & evaluation stage, is the first 3-D core imaging tool designed to obtain a permanent record of significant structural features observed in core samples – particularly the mineralization-related structures, which are significant for structural vectoring. The resultant 3-D virtual core can be digitally stored and electronically transferred off-site to any location worldwide for processing of lines and planes, including kinematic features associated to faults and folds. Their spatial location, orientation, and characteristics are directly extracted from within the software’s 3-D viewport. The structural information can be live-linked to 3DKore’s 3-D stereonet and their project digital space for analysis and visualization, which is key in allowing the structural information to be validated and audited by experts or prospective investors, even after the core has been cut, split and pulverized for chemical analysis. In addition, the 3-DKore Reader (hardware) is light-weight, rugged and portable, and can be run from car batteries if the exploration project is located in remote areas.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us during the event, please send us an email at rogerio.monteiro@vektore.comindicating your preferred time. Otherwise, we will be happy to see you at the Vektore’s and Objectivity’s Structural Vectoring andOptimal Resource Drilling showcase on Monday, March 7th. However, if you cannot make it to our event, please contact us to schedule a personal meeting.

The time is right for a meaningful discussion on new ways to maximize exploration ventures. We await your presence and welcome your input!

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